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  1. Know and reorganize your fridge and pantry. Keep your refrigerator and pantry clean and organized so you can see what needs to be eaten first. If fresh food is “out of sight, out of mind,” it may be forgotten and ultimately wasted. Food is less likely to go bad when you use the more perishable and older items first.
  2. Love your leftovers! Give leftovers a makeover when you reuse them in recipes. Add broccoli stems to a salad or omelet or blend overripe fruit and peels into a low-fat smoothie. My favorite all-time smoothie was made from about-to-expire chocolate yogurt and wilting blueberries and raspberries. Make broth from vegetable and/or meat trimmings, and freeze what you don’t plan to eat right away. Be creative while keeping leftover safety in mind.”

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Of course, perhaps the most important thing to be mindful of in your refrigerator is the temperature. If yours is an older model and struggles to keep your food consistently cold at a set temp, that will likely cause spoilage to occur quicker. Purchasing a small thermometer that can be placed on your fridge’s shelf will give an indication of how well it is functioning at a specified level.

If your refrigerator isn’t working properly, call the technicians at Apple Valley Eagan Appliance. We’ll investigate the issue and in most cases, can repair the broken part saving you money on the cost of replacement. For more information on our appliance repair service, call us at 952-953-0080.