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“For proper maintenance care it all begins with proper usage. The first thing to remember is to use only cold water when running it, which hinders residual fat and grease from building up in the machine. (Besides, you shouldn’t be putting fat, grease or oil down the drain to begin with.) Second, it’s probably not a good idea to run it while your sink is still full of dishes in case a stray fork or spoon should fall down the drain and potentially wreak havoc on the disposal’s insides.

When you’re ready to bid adieu to food waste, run cold water, turn on the garbage disposal, slowly feed in small food scraps and then let the water continue to run until the whirring slows to a gentle hum, 15 to 30 seconds, before turning off the disposal and then the water. (Large pieces of food waste should be cut into smaller pieces before disposing.) Running the disposal with water flushes food through the system, helping to prevent odors.”

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As far as what shouldn’t go in your garbage disposal, the obvious answer is anything that isn’t food. Additionally, things like bones and clam shells should be put in the trash. It’s not recommended to put egg shells into the garbage disposal even if some manufacturers say that it is okay as well.

Unfortunately, garbage disposals break down from time to time from jams or even natural wear and tear. In these instances you need professional appliance service to fix the issue. The team at Apple Valley Eagan Appliance is ready to assist! Just give us a call at 952-953-0080 to schedule an appointment.