You are currently viewing Threatening letters asking for water heater information are a SCAM

“Moorhead Public Service (MPS) is warning customers of a water heater scam. MPS has been contacted by numerous customers who have received suspicious letters asking to provide information on their water heater by a certain time or face possible fines or penalties.

MPS does not ask or need this type of information and would NOT use threatening tactics to obtain this information.

Any call or letter demanding personal or equipment information, or possibly face a fine or penalty, is NOT a call or letter from Moorhead Public Service. This call or letter is a scam – do NOT provide any financial or personal information.”

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While Moorhead, MN is out of our service area, we wouldn’t be surprised to learn of similar scams occurring in the twin cities area. This is especially frustrating considering these scammers may be using the coronavirus as a tool to scare people into complying with their request. If you receive any suspicious or threatening phone calls or letters, contact the authorities as soon as possible.

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