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“On a group page on Facebook, thousands of consumers, including Sally Butler of Wheat Ridge, claim they have defective Samsung refrigerators.

Butler said, “It’s so frustrating that Samsung won’t admit there is an issue with these refrigerators.”

Butler told the Problem Solvers that she has had five service repairs completed on her 2016 Samsung refrigerator.

Butler joined the Samsung Refrigerator Recall U.S.A Now Facebook page which has forty-four thousand members complaining about design defects that cause temperature issues and ice makers to freeze up. Consumers from across the country are posting pictures of ice machines incased in ice and various ways they are removing the ice.”

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The recommended temperature for refrigerating food is below 43 degrees F. Any temps above that for a sustained period will risk spoiling the food too quickly. Not only is this a health concern but also leads to waste at a time when food prices are soaring. Currently, there is a class-action lawsuit against Samsung to rectify this problem.

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