You are currently viewing Sears customers frustrated by delayed repairs for appliances under warranty

“Deprizio is disabled and has been burdened with a broken washing machine since September. She said she’s spent hundreds of dollars on laundry service while waiting on her washer to be repaired under her Sears warranty.

The washer and four other appliances are covered by a Sears warranty that costs $700 a year. Deprizio said she’s spent hours on hold and sometimes gets disconnected.

“I can’t see why anybody should be treated like this. One way or the other, give me an answer. It’s in writing that I have your contract. At least abide by the contract,” she said.

Sears did send a repair person to Deprizio a few times, but they couldn’t fix the washer.

“The parts didn’t work, none of them,” Deprezio said.”

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When consumers purchase a warranty for their appliance, they expect it to be honored. That means a timely repair or replacement. In this case, sears has blamed the slow response on a lack of replacement parts that are available. Their claim that shipment of such parts has been impacted due to the pandemic. While this may be true, there is still no excuse to leave their customers without working appliances for such a long time.

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