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You’re not cleaning the internal mechanics

‘If the defrost drain is clogged with debris, or frozen, the water dripping off the coils will overflow the drain trough and drip into the bottom of your refrigerator,’ experts at the Repair Clinic told Reader’s Digest. Not only can this overwork your fridge, leading to a shorter lifespan, but it can also potentially cause your fridge/freezer to leak water all over your kitchen floor. Leaking water is definitely a sign you should get any appliance looked at—it’s also a symptom of some of the ways you’re shortening the life of your washer and dryer.”

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It should come as no surprise that the majority of the issues involve cleaning various components of a refrigerator. Perhaps the most common problem involves ignoring funny or strange noises. Unusual sounds are an indicator that something is wrong. Typically, they serve as a warning sign of a failing component. By not taking a closer look at what is causing that sound, you’re likely to incur a costlier repair or sometimes even a replacement.

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