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Treating Colds and Flus

Dry air creates an ideal environment for viruses to spread. The flu thrives in rooms with humidity levels of 40-50%. Anything less than 30% is considered extremely dry and allows all viruses to travel.

A humidifier is one of the best things you can do to stop the spread of viruses in your home. It slows their spread and prevents them from infecting you and/or any members of your family.

Managing Allergies

Humidifiers are a long-term solution and can serve as an alternative to allergy medication. They prevent allergens from reaching your body and help you manage them better if they do.

Humidity levels of about 40% condense allergens and make them fall to the floor before you ever inhale them. This reduces the number of allergens you and your family will be susceptible to.”

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Humidifiers also help in reducing eye irritation by keeping your body and eyes moisturized. This moisture also aids in limiting nose bleeds and keeping your nasal passages clear. Dry air certainly comes with a whole host of problems and if you’re easily susceptible to the above issues having a small humidifier just won’t cut it. What will help is investing in a whole-house humidifier.

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