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“If your hot water heater is climbing in age, use these seven “red flags” to alert you to call the plumber and avert a expensive home disaster:

1. Leaking water.

Leaking water is never a good sign around the house. If the hot water heater is failing, water will begin appearing around the pipes, dripping from the tank or pooling under the tank.

2. Unit age.

If your hot water heater is old, be alert. Many companies place an installation date label on them. If you don’t find this, write down the brand name, serial number and then research to discover when it was made.

3. Quickly running out of water.

If you are getting less hot water than you used to, this indicates that your unit is filling up with sediment. Therefore, a good maintenance practice is to regularly flush your hot water heater to remove built up sediment which reduces the volume of water the unit can hold.”

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Another warning sign that may indicate a failing water heater is fluctuating water temperature. It might be something simple like a faulty thermostat or more severe such as broken heating elements. Regardless, don’t wait until the water goes completely cold. Contact a professional as soon as possible!

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