You are currently viewing Several reasons why you should check your HVAC before summer

1. You’ll Save Yourself Money Over Time
One of the most important reasons to have a HVAC technician conduct a preventative maintenance inspection is that it can save you money over time. The Indoor Air Quality Association says regular maintenance can extend the life of your heating and cooling system, catch minor problems before they become more expensive breakdowns, improve your system’s energy efficiency and help you maintain your warranty.

2. It Will Keep Your System In Good Working Order
Your HVAC system should get inspected in the spring and fall, to make sure it’s working properly. When an HVAC pro does maintenance, they will check refrigerant levels and look for leaks, making sure your system has the correct amount of refrigerant to keep you cool.

3. You’ll Have Better Indoor Air Quality
Americans spend 90 percent of their time indoors, yet some pollutants are 2 to 5 times higher indoors than typical amounts found outdoors, according to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). This is why one of the most important things you can do to keep both your family and your HVAC system healthy is to have the air filters replaced.”

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A properly functioning HVAC system not only benefits you but your entire family too. There may be instances where certain rooms aren’t heating or cooling adequately. During hot summer and frigid winter days those family members are sure to feel uncomfortable. So, you’ll ideally want to have a professional check your HVAC at least once annually, twice preferred.

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