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“Fall Heating System Checklist

Regular preventive maintenance on furnaces and boilers keeps them functioning well beyond manufacturers’ estimates of 10 to 15 years. It also ensures that these heating systems operate at optimum efficiency, saving homeowners money and keeping homes comfortable through harsh Minnesota winters. The key to smooth operation and long equipment lifespan is to follow these fall maintenance guidelines:

Inspect yearly, before cold weather sets in.
Tighten loose electrical connections & replace frayed wiring.
Clean or replace filters.
Oil fans, pumps & motors.
Vacuum soot from combustion chamber & flue.
Check ignition, thermocouple & thermostat operation.
Check for leaking valves.
Drain boiler expansion tank.
Clean interior vents.
Monitor carbon monoxide output.”

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We’re fast approaching that time of year again. Summer is in the rearview mirror and before you know it cold temperatures and frost will start creeping in. Heater maintenance should be done on a semi-regular basis. The list above gives some great tips on tasks you can perform yourself.

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