You are currently viewing NY’s Climate Action Council wants new homes to use heat pumps

“The council recommends the adoption of state codes prohibiting propane, gas and oil equipment from being installed in new single-family homes and low-rise residential buildings beginning in 2024, and adopting zero-emission standards that prohibit the replacement of this equipment in existing homes beginning in 2030.

The council recommends replacing such systems with heat pumps, which use the same technology as air conditioners to take thermal energy from outside and compress and transfer it indoors to heat homes. Heat pumps can also cool homes by taking thermal energy from indoors, compressing it and transferring it outside.

The council also wants to cut down on emissions from another home heating method: wood burning.”

Read more about this ambitious plan here.

Heat pumps are indeed a great source of eco-friendly heating and cooling for homes and offices. However, they are still a relatively new technology and replacing traditional fossil fuel HVAC systems is likely to be quite the challenge. While protecting the environment is a noble cause most people are more interested in saving money which is also another benefit of heat pumps.

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