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“Experts see heat pumps as one of the main solutions for tackling the carbon emissions associated with keeping buildings warm, both in the UK and internationally. Yet sales of the technology, often likened to a fridge running in reverse, have remained stubbornly low in many countries.

The latest figures, collated in this article for Carbon Brief, show the tides beginning to turn, with sales in 2021 seeing double-digit growth in countries ranging from Austria to China.

Highly efficient

Heat pumps are a low-carbon heating technology with the potential to deliver large-scale reductions in carbon emissions from building heat.

They use electricity to move heat from ambient outside air, water or soil to a building’s interior and to heat water. This process is highly efficient, with heat pumps delivering three to four units of heat for each unit of electricity needed to run them.

When the electricity used to drive a heat pump is produced from low-carbon sources, all this heat is also low carbon. It is this simple capacity to deliver heat very efficiently and cleanly that makes heat pumps a key technology in most pathways to net-zero.”

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The main drawback of heat pumps is the hefty cost of installation. While the money saved for efficiency over the years will give a return on investment, many homeowners are reluctant to spend thousands of dollars upfront. However, with regular maintenance heat pumps can have a lifespan of up to 20 years making them a very economical purchase.

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