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“A furnace was the source of carbon monoxide that last month killed seven members of an immigrant family from Honduras living in Minnesota, authorities said Monday.

Police in Moorhead said earlier that blood samples from the victims showed a lethal level of carbon monoxide, but further testing was needed to determine whether the source was the furnace or a van parked in an attached garage. New findings from the Ramsey County Medical Examiner’s Office showed that the poison gas could not have come from a combustion engine.

The victims were found the night of Dec. 18 by family members conducting a welfare check at the home in south Moorhead.”

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During the investigation, it was determined that a carbon monoxide detector was replaced by a smoke-only detector prior to this incident. Had that not been the case it is possible that this tragedy could have been averted. The exact cause of the furnace malfunction hasn’t been determined as of this point.

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