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Tips for avoiding getting scammed by furnance repair companies

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“When the weather gets cold and your furnace goes out, you may be tempted to hire the first contractor who can get there the fastest to get your heat back on.

Although there are some good contractors who provide great service at a fair price, there are also some who take advantage of people who are unfamiliar with furnaces and are in desperate need of help.

Before you request service, check out the reputation of the contractor with the Better Business Bureau or other trusted sources.

Stick with local contractors that are licensed, experienced, and certified to work on your brand and type of furnace.”

Read more tips here.

We couldn’t agree more about checking the reputation of a contractor first. Our rating with the Better Business Bureau reflects the values we adhere to when it concerns our customers. Your satisfaction is our priority!

If you need quick or reliable service, contact us at 952-953-0080. We also offer emergency services!

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