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Before purchasing a new furnace or air conditioner, homeowners should first examine their home’s ductwork to ensure its in good working order. That’s one of the key points made earlier today by HVAC expert Ken Summers speaking at the 2019 National Home Performance Conference being held this week in Chicago. Summers, co-founder of Comfort Institute, an international home performance research, training and consumer protection organization, highlighted the importance of taking a whole-system approach to heating and cooling systems rather than focusing solely on the box itself.

‘No matter how big or how high the efficiency rating may be for a particular furnace or air conditioner, that unit simply won’t perform anywhere close to its potential if there are leaks in the connecting ductwork,’ said Summers. ‘In fact, we’ve found that in many cases, once the ductwork is repaired, the homeowner finds that replacing the air conditioner or furnace becomes unnecessary.'”

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