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“When the pandemic started and people started stocking up on food, they bought up much of the supply of freezers and refrigerators nationwide.

“People just started buying them up like crazy. We sold like 20 in a week where normally that would take us like three weeks, maybe four. Now we’ve got between 80 and 90 ordered and 35 to 40 are already sold,” said Adam Morris, owner of People’s Appliance in Waterloo.

Factories were forced to slow production or stop altogether at times due to the pandemic. With the extra purchases of consumers on top of the slowed production, warehouses emptied out at an alarming rate.

“We built on our warehouse in 1994 and I’ve never seen it so bare,” he said.

Morris said they still do repairs on appliances, especially those they sell. The business has seen their repair orders sky rocket as people opt to repair instead of replace.”

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Instead of spending a lot of money on a new refrigerator, stove, or another kitchen appliance, it might be worth having a qualified technician inspect your faulty one. Many times, a repair job is a much more cost-effective solution. The money that you save could certainly be used for other vital things, especially for people on a limited income due to the pandemic.

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