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“MAINTAINING your oven is easy if you follow the instructions – but there’s one popular feature that an appliance repair professional warns against using.

In fact, the “convenient” feature could result in damage necessitating hundreds of dollars in repairs.

“In my more than 30 years as an appliance repair pro, the number one call I get for ovens is to make them work again after the caller used the self-cleaning feature,” Miller wrote.

Even though a self-cleaning oven is meant to make your life easier, in actuality, the feature can spell disaster.

When the self-cleaning feature is used, your oven reaches an extremely high heat and stays there for several hours.

This burns any spills or residue to a crisp, but the mechanics aren’t foolproof.

“That much heat can damage oven components,” Miller explained.

It’s not just one or two components that are at risk, either – many parts could be damaged by the heat.”

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Instead of relying on this self-cleaning feature many technicians recommend doing the dirty work yourself. Yes, it is more effort and time on your part but you could save anywhere from $200 – $600 in replacement parts.The best practice is to clean your oven as soon as possible after a spill so that it doesn’t harden over time.

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