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“‘Heating, ventilation and air conditioning (or HVAC) systems move a lot of air. They can replace the entire air volume in an office building five or 10 times an hour. Machines that capture carbon dioxide from the atmosphere—a developing fix for climate change—also depend on moving large volumes of air. So why not save energy by tacking the carbon capture machine onto the air conditioner?’

Peters: ‘Modular attachments to air conditioners could pull air inside and through filters that capture CO2.’

The researchers said, ‘It would be not that difficult technically to add a CO2 capture functionality to an A/C system, and an integrated A/C-DAC unit is expected to show favourable economics.’

Once collected, water and CO2, said Jee, would be converted into renewable hydrocarbon fuels.”

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What is now a concern for the long-term effects on the environment, the air conditioner, could someday soon provide cooling while eliminating the harmful CO2 gases. Of course, we’re not even in the testing phase. However, the idea seems very sound and promising. Over the last couple of decades, there’s been a strong push for energy-efficient air conditioners. This new proposal seems like the most logical next step.

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