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Common dryer mistakes: It’s irritating when clothes emerge from the dryer still damp, but there are steps you can take to help your machine do its job better. Taking extra time to separate clothes and doing several smaller loads instead of one massive one can reduce the wear and tear on dryers and cut down on drying time.

Common garbage disposal mistakes: Feeling around inside a garbage disposal to see why it won’t run isn’t anybody’s idea of a good time. But there are easy ways to minimize how often this happens. Running cold water instead of hot and keeping grease and fat out of the sink can go a long way toward giving your machine a break.”

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Homeowners fortunate enough to have a dishwasher have likely come across the problem of dishes not being completely cleaned. If this is the case, you may want to evaluate how you’re loading the dishwasher. The best practice is to ensure that dishes aren’t overlapping and silverware isn’t tightly packed together. Also depending on the size of the load, you may opt to run a longer cycle.

Sometimes, even with proper maintenance, appliances will just plain fail. If that is the case, don’t replace but repair instead! Call Apple Valley Eagan Appliance at 952-953-0080 to schedule an appliance repair today.