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“When appliances make weird electrical sounds or leak water, they chill a homeowner’s heart. Either of those adverse events can signal the end of an appliance’s life

The lifetime of an appliance depends on how often it is used. A washing machine laboring under 10 loads a week will conk out earlier than one that has to suds up only half as often. Regular maintenance can keep appliances running smoothly.

The National Association of Home Builders in 2007 published a compendium of the lifetime of major household components and appliances. Those estimates still are in the ballpark, says Doreen Cantalini, co-owner of Kleckner & Sons, an appliance retailer in Whitehall Township.”

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This article does a great job of going room to room and giving firm estimates on how long each appliance is expected to last. In the kitchen, stoves or ranges can be expected to last anywhere from 13-15 years. Refrigerators clock in at 13 years, while freezers and microwaves are listed at 11 and 9 years respectively. While these are respectable lifespans, when appliances start to die, it is usually pretty sudden.

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