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“With colder temperatures on the way, it’s about that time to winterize your home if you haven’t done so already.

“In the winter, your heating system uses most of your energy so that’s the thing you want to pay attention to, at least right now,” said Dan Olmstead with Idaho Power.

This includes the air heater.

“Particularly change your filter. That seems to be one that people can save energy with,” Olmstead suggested.

He told KMVT that water heaters take up the second most amount of energy during the cold season.

“We recommend 120 degrees on your water heater at the tap and you can check that with a thermostat,” he said.

Making sure your pipes are not leaking — especially for hot water — should be something on your checklist.

“It doesn’t take much of a continuous drip to make that water heater run all of the time, thus using more energy,” he added.

To save on using too much heat, lowering your thermostat at night would help.”

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