Inver Grove Heights Furnace Repair Service

With over 120 years of combined experience, the technicians at Apple Valley – Eagan Appliance, Heating & Air offers superior heating services to the entire Inver Grove Heights, MN region. Whether you want to replace your inefficient heating system or want to set up a preventative maintenance schedule for your furnaces, and other areas to ensure efficient heating and ventilation – we can help.

Customer satisfaction is our top priority. Since 1978, we have offered superior HVAC services to the Inver Grove Heights, MN area and quality is always our main focus. We offer 24 /7 emergency services to our customers.

Our Heating Services Include:

  • Air exchangers – provide fresh air while exhausting an equal amount of stale air
  • Heat pumps – provide both heating and cooling
  • Ventilators – transfers the humidity level of the exhaust air into intake air
  • Furnaces – whole-home heating
  • Fireplaces – an effective heating method for a single room

Affordable Heating Repair Services For Inver Grove Heights, MN Homes

If you’ve noticed a dip in temperature, it’s not just the Inver Grove Heights, MN climate; it could be your furnace! This requires a call to your Inver Grove Heights HVAC contractor.

Heating systems are very important in any home, especially in the Inver Grove Heights, MN area. Hiring professionals for heater repairs is always a great choice. Our team can solve your furnace problems efficiently and affordably.

Contact us to schedule a free estimate on replacement equipment today at 952-953-0080.