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“One of the most common complaints about these kitchen appliances is that the oven isn’t heating properly. Typically, this relates to either a problem with your oven’s heating element or with its thermostat. The heating elements are the (often coiled up) parts that turn red as your oven heats up, and the thermostat is the knob you adjust your oven’s temperature.

Unfortunately, especially if your oven’s on the older side, these parts can get damaged over the years due to natural wear and tear and require replacement by professionals.

Test the heating elements by turning on your oven as you would normally and checking to see if they’re glowing red after 10 minutes or so. If they’re not, they’ll need to be replaced.

You can tell if there’s an issue with your oven’s thermostat by watching the light that turns on to indicate when your oven is hot (assuming that have a light like this on your model). If the light never turns on, even after waiting for a half-hour or so, chances are your thermostat is in need of replacement.”

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