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“Tired of waiting for the shower water to heat up? Tankless water heaters warm on demand—and they deliver consistent hot water for as long as you need. That means no longer having to tough it out with streams of ice-cold water when you’re last in line for the shower.

But while tankless water heaters score a big point for providing instant hot water, do they save on water usage?

“There are some instances that they will,” says Brian Fenske, director of commercial sales for Navien, a tankless water heater and boiler manufacturer. “If the tankless unit is located closer to the fixtures, less water will be wasted because you don’t have to spend as much time waiting for the purge of cool water in the pipe, and the hot water to arrive.””

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How frustrating is it turning on the hot water in your sink or bathtub and needing to wait for what seems like an eternity for the hot water to come through? While it’s true the closer the tankless water heater is to a specific fixture the faster hot water pours out, there’s also the fact that hot water is instantly made. That means no matter how many people have used hot water before you, you’re assured that your hot water won’t run out. You can take a shower as long as you’d like without affecting anyone else!

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