Farmington Heating And Cooling Service And Repair

Apple Valley – Eagan Appliance, Heating & Air provides residential heating services to customers in the Farmington, MN area. Our technicians are trained in the latest heating techniques. Whether you want to set up a preventative maintenance schedule for your furnace or replace an inefficient heating system we can help.

We offer 24 /7 emergency services to our customers. We also offer seasonal maintenance and service agreements to help residential customers maintain their systems.

Our Heating Services Include:

  • Heat pumps – provide both heating and cooling
  • Ventilators – transfers the humidity level of the exhaust air into intake air
  • Air exchangers – provide fresh air while exhausting an equal amount of stale air
  • Furnaces – whole-home heating
  • Fireplaces – an effective heating method for a single room

Furnace Repair And HVAC Service In Farmington, MN

If you’ve noticed a dip in temperature, it’s not just the Farmington, MN climate; it could be your furnace! This requires a call to your Farmington HVAC contractor.

Heating systems are very important in any home, especially in the Farmington, MN area. Hiring professionals for heater repairs is always a great choice. Our team can solve your furnace problems efficiently and affordably.

Contact us to schedule a free estimate on replacement equipment today at 952-953-0080.