HVAC and Cooling Services

AC Repair

Apple Valley – Eagan Appliance, Heating & Air supplies the latest techniques in cooling services to the Farmington, MN area. Since 1978, our family owned and operated business has kept the needs of our residential customers foremost in their minds.

It is because of this that we offer 24 /7 emergency service. Do not let unexpected accidents happen to your air conditioning. Regular maintenance can help prevent costly repairs in the future. Our team can help ensure the most efficient and cost-effective options.

Our cooling services include:

Air Conditioning Repair and AC Repair in Farmington, MN

Our in home consultation can determine exactly the cooling system that your home needs.

If your Farmington, MN home isn’t the temperature you want, it can make you miserable! This requires a call to your Farmington HVAC contractor. AC repairs are important to ensure your system is working to the best of its ability. A broken air conditioner could cost you hundreds of dollars a month if not properly fixed.

AC replacement is another excellent option when systems aren’t working properly in the Farmington, MN area. Our HVAC contractors will evaluate your home or rooms and determine the best replacement or new system for you.

Contact us for your free estimate on replacement equipment today at 952-953-0080.