You are currently viewing Are you having water clarity issues in your home? It could be your water heater

“Before blaming your water issues on the city, you may want to check your own hot water tank.

That was the issue recently when someone in Ward 4 of the city took to social media to criticize the city’s water supply, something Brookhaven Public Works Director Keith Lewis takes seriously.

Turns out, the city’s water quality is just fine. The homeowner’s hot water tank — filled with sediment, which turned the hot water brown — was not.”

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If you suspect your water heater is the cause of similar clarity issues you can do a quick test. Simply let cold water run for a moment or two and see if the problem persists. If not, then it is likely due to sediment in your hot water tank. Many professionals suggest having your water heater drained a quarter of the way several times a year to clear sediment.

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