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“A homeowner in Oklahoma who was trying to light a water tank suffered major burns after the house exploded with her inside.

It happened just before 6:15 p.m. Monday in Calumet, just west of Oklahoma City. Big, bright flames could be seen through the thick brush surrounding the home.

The Office of the Oklahoma State Fire Marshal said the 42-year-old woman just had her propane tank refilled after several months.

Authorities say the woman was bleeding out the air herself. Investigators say gas had accumulated in the basement, and the home went up in flames when the homeowner went to relight the water tank.

Covered in burns, she ran a quarter of a mile down the road to her closest neighbor.

Neighbors said they could hear her screaming and put her in the shower before calling 911.

The woman was flown by helicopter to Baptist Hospital. Her burns reportedly cover 30 percent of her body.”

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While propane is certainly one popular method for home heating, there are also major safety concerns. Any sort of maintenance should absolutely be done by a professional to avoid a potential disaster. It doesn’t take much time for leaking gas to accumulate and cause an explosion like in the above situation.

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